Top 10 Tips to Increase your Page Rank Updated

Here is some tips to increase your Google Page rank for free.This will helps you more.Page rank is given by Google for every 3-4 months for the website after watching there activities.But for getting this we should work hard.But this tip is an alternative for increasing PR.Lets see .,

Tips to Increase Page Rank:-

  • Guest Posting:- By post on other website and giving your link bellow your article.This will increase your Page Rank.
  • Submitting your Blog to Blog Directory Submission,by submitting it you can get free Backlinks and that will increase your PR and also your traffic. 
  • By Commenting on other website which has more PR .
  • Forum Posting
  • Submit your Feed to Feed Directory.
  • With Social Bookmarks.
  • Video Marketing.
  • Don’t Sell Links.
  • Good SEO Structure for your Blog.
  • Link Exchange.
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  1. James Don says:

    Nice tips thanks Bro

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