IOTransfer – Transfer Your Files Across Devices | Tech Review

We get very excited about purchasing our new iPhone. But setting up an iPhone is a difficult task. All iPhone users usually have problems in transferring data from one iOS device to another. We face different issues when we try to transfer ex back up issue, system compatibility, iTunes sync up issue etc. Usually we […] – Ideal Choice for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

Quite frankly, Microsoft PowerPoint is an easy to use and convenient tool,however creating an effective PowerPoint presentation is difficult for most of us with no formal graphic design knowledge. This makes the use of PowerPoint awkward for most people. Microsoft has improved significantly the usability of PowerPoint adding some self service design features as Designer […]

Recommended Method to Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers for Free within 24 Hours

Next to Facebook, Twitter is the second best social network. In Twitter, users can tweets their post and those tweets will be sent to the followers. So, for that they need more followers, if it so then the tweets can viewed by everyone which results in more traffic. Now, I’m here to share the awesome […]

Download Norton Mobile Security with 1 year free Genuine Product Key for iOS, Android,Windows Phones

Every mobile should have excellent Mobile Theft Protection or you need to protect your device from unauthorized access. For those things, Norton Mobile Security can help you than other tools. The amazing feature of this tool is, that automatically protect your device like antivirus while transferring files from SD card to your device. So for […] – Build intelligent speech interfaces for apps, devices, and web !

You might remember that some years ago, voice recognition was the new cool thing. Geeks would impress people with their cool new smartphones, which could turn your voice to text with the help of some apps. Well, those days are far behind. Voice recognition has evolved since then. From just plain Speech to Text, which […]