– Ideal Choice for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations - Ideal Choice for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

Quite frankly, Microsoft PowerPoint is an easy to use and convenient tool,however creating an effective PowerPoint presentation is difficult for most of us with no formal graphic design knowledge. This makes the use of PowerPoint awkward for most people. Microsoft has improved significantly the usability of PowerPoint adding some self service design features as Designer and Zoom, but when it comes to create your next presentation deck, everyone needs specialized help from experts in the field of presentation design.

Introducing SlideModel

In this article we are reviewing, an online platform offering Professional PowerPoint Templates to aid users which need great presentation decks but do not want to invest much time. Its value proposition consists on granting access to their users to a wide variety of ready made PowerPoint Templates, with editable content (shapes,themes, maps, charts and backgrounds) ready to use and adapt. Users who don’t have  designing skills can drag and drop the designs in their presentation or just replace the placeholders with their content to produce a professional PowerPoint decks.

The gallery is grouped by categories, in order to help users find their presentation content easily. Product are contextually tagged, making it easier for users to see which other options they can use to create their deck or just look at the suggestions the system provides, based on previous users choices.

SlideModel Gallery

The following section describes my browsing along the high level categories and my impression about the content offered.

PowerPoint Templates

This category is the root of the search tree. Here, you will find plenty of templates with a wide variety of topics. The PowerPoint Templates category is broken down in more specific subcategories targeted for the main audience of the site (business and corporate employees). For example, Strategy PowerPoint templates, Business PowerPoint templates, SWOT Analysis Templates, Marketing PowerPoint templates and many more can be directly selected. Select the category according to your requirement and then choose the templates that will suite your presentation best. These specialised categories provide much more niche templates, like SWOT Analysis templates, Marketing Plan Templates, Business Model Canvas Templates, etc. which are standard concepts within the business environments. Don’t be confused with the standardization of the concepts, the templates really stand out from the traditional business templates, making them the perfect choice to create decks with a unique touch, but with formal structures known by the matter experts.

PowerPoint Diagrams –

Here, you will get different categories of diagrams such as process-flow diagrams, circular diagrams, flow-chart diagrams, arrow-based diagrams and much more. Choose the category as per your requirements and then choose the diagrams that will suite your presentation in the best way possible. PowerPoint Diagrams are the most common category; great diagram designs allows users to replace boring bullet points or horrible tables that just contribute to losing the attention of the audience. While navigating through the diagrams, you can check different styles of the same type of diagram, and select the most suitable option to your theme.

Powerpoint Diwgram

Maps –

Maps are a powerful tool to express geographical information. For example, internationalization plans, earnings per location, etc. Today globalized world require us to be geographically conscious when presenting information. SlideModel maps are extremely easy to use and to customize. Created as PowerPoint vectors, you can drag and drop maps and their sub pieces (states, regions, etc) in your presentations and resize them without losing visual quality. Create infographics, reports and decks easily.

Charts and Data –

If you have a huge amount of data that will surely bore the reader, you can use charts to make the data look more interesting. Staring from simple pie charts and bar charts, you will also find curve-based slideshow templates. Returning to the concept of niche presentations, managers and executives will love SlideModel’s Dashboards gallery. Ranging from balanced scorecards to KPI’s, and infographic dashboards, users can create stunning data presentations, with data driven components, and update the data through time, reusing the template in subsequent meetings. - Ideal Choice for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint Shapes –

In some presentations you might need a particular creative shape which has many geometric definitions. Here, there are numerous flat, 3D and material based designs, as shapes or icons. You can choose to give shape to your ideas through visual metaphors and concepts. What I liked most from the shapes, is the ability to combine them, and not necessarily stick to the complete template they are offered. For example I tested the football field shapes and combined it with icons from business presentations that represented better the concepts I wanted to explain. Just simple search, download, drag & drop, and the deck was ready.

Tables –

If you have some numeric data or some data that can be compared or listed out, you can check out this section. Everybody knows that tables are the “presentation killer”. If you ever stood in front of an audience and presented a “table” slide, you might understand this comment. The truth is that there is still need of tables; in their different variants, and with better customizations that fit professional layouts, but tables at last. Give a try to the different table designs of slidemodel when you feel your table will be under the expectations.

Timelines and Roadmap

For sure every plan you create will require a timeline or roadmap. SlideModel timelines will help you stand out from the traditional table for horizontal line. Ranging from roadmaps to specific gantt charts, there is a wide variety of timeline to choose. Again, in a few clicks you are ready to present. - Ideal Choice for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

Top Notch Support Team

All SlideModel’s subscription plans have access to their 24/7 support. A team of professional designers are ready to help you with your presentation needs. They can suggest how to combine different content from the gallery, how to use specific features of PowerPoint or even create designs not yet in the offering. You can check SlideModel reviews made by users in Shopper Approved.


SlideModel templates are designed to work in all PowerPoint versions, and compatible with Google Slides, Keynote and OpenOffice.

How to Subscribe?

There are various plans available from which you can choose. They vary in the period of the subscription, number of downloads, the support prioritization and the storage options (local or cloud). For sure, one of the offerings will fit your needs.

How To Try?

SlideModel offers a gallery of Free PowerPoint Templates that is updated weekly. Visitors can subscribe for a free account and download any template from the free gallery as well as a set of presentation bundles. Visitors can try the quality of the templates and their features downloading this samples.


If you are a regular presenter, an executive, corporate employee or entrepreneur, for sure you use PowerPoint as part of your tools. If you want to create professional presentation decks, that appeal to executive audiences, for sure will help you. Achieve productivity with high quality graphical outcome and stand out from the crowd.

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