Miss Hosting Website Review

MissHosting.com In this article we will tell you about Miss Hosting. MissHosting.com is a site that offers premium VPS service, SEO hosting service and shared web hosting service. The host is reliable and works with easy to use interface. SEO HOSTING What is SEO hosting? If you want to create link between your own websites […]

SlideModel.com – Ideal Choice for Impressive PowerPoint Presentations

Quite frankly, Microsoft PowerPoint is an easy to use and convenient tool,however creating an effective PowerPoint presentation is difficult for most of us with no formal graphic design knowledge. This makes the use of PowerPoint awkward for most people. Microsoft has improved significantly the usability of PowerPoint adding some self service design features as Designer […]

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review – Top VPS Hosting Provider in India

VPS hosting is an intermediate case of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Here, actual hardware server is broken into multiple isolated virtual servers. For those who are looking for a robust server at affordable price, MilesWeb VPS might be the ideal solution. What is VPS? An isolated server environment created when a physical server is […]

Codelobster PHP Edition Review – Free Portable IDE for PHP

Programmers and web developers always look for a convenient, easy to use, and comfortable editor (IDE) which is able to efficiently write error free codes and improve speed. There are various such cool editors available in the internet but most of them wear a price tag. In this article we will review a simple, easy […]

Solution for 500-1000 notes? How to convert them! BlackHat Methods

All You Need To Know about the big announcement In a meeting addressing the nation, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi made an announcement regarding the currenty notes that is going to show a huge impact in the fiscal economy of India. The Prime Minster said the Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes will be […]