New “Hover Tweet- Tweet Box” for Blogger

Twitter plays major role for increasing the traffic for blog and for websites.There are many Twitter Profile widgets with poor look.So I decided to create an widgets called “Hover Tweet- Tweet Box” for Blogger for free. With this widgets you can increase your blog traffic for free and you can re-tweet it from your blog itself.

This widgets looks like an premium look widget for your blog and create more impression for your blog and attracts the visitor for tweeting.Do you want it? Shall I have it for my Blog?Yes,you can get this widgets from Triposoft for free.Before getting this please take an Demo on it.

                                                                          Live Demo

How to get Hover Tweet-Tweet Box for Blogger ?

  • First Go to  > Blogger > Layout >Add a Gadgets
  • Then leave the Title blank.
  • In the content box just copy the following code given bellow and paste it in it.

How to Customize?

  • Change the “Triposoft with your Twitter username.
  • If you want to change the Background mean alter  #FFEAD1.
  • For changing the Header Color alter this #FFC17A.
  • Enjoy!
Source Taken from TBI.Credits goes to them only.We are just sharing only.If you like this widgets please share this with your friends and subscribe to get many free latest Blogger Widgets via email for free.If you have any Blogger tips and tricks means please feel free to share with us thro’ Guest Posting.

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