How to Make $$$$ Every Month Without a Blog?

The internet is regarded as one of those tools through which a lot of money can be made. By blogging alone, a lot of money is generated for writers. It takes a small idea that needs to be ignited and from that a decent amount of income can be made. Bloggers will be able to make money by sharing links of their sites onto social media and getting money through each view.

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Blogs that are fun and nice to read are one of the best ways to make money online and more and more users are able to find out ways to make the internet a useful tool to get money out of.

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For people who use the internet very often, URL shorteners are something that isn’t alien to them. It allows the links of their sites to be shortened and shared on to social media and other websites.

How to make money from URL shorteners?

URL shorteners generally just do the job that they are assigned to; to shorten URLs or reduce their sizes to pack them into lesser characters. However, there are some URL shorteners who have cracked the formula to stay ahead of the game. is one of them.

How to Make $$$$ Every Month Without a Blog?

How works for bloggers is on a mutual understanding basis. All it takes is for bloggers to get the links of their blogs and reduce the size on the URL shortener. This has to be done after registering on the website which takes only a few minutes. By doing so, they are finding sure-shot ways to make money. After they shorten the size of their links, sharing them on social media sites is the next step.

With each click that is generated on the link, users will be able to garner enough money. The money will be credited because with each click, viewers will be redirected to another five second ad after which they will be able to go back to the original website and continue surfing it. This way, both the site and the user will be able to make money from these shortened links.

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There are a lot of options that can be utilized like Full Page Scripts, Mass Shredder, WordPress Plugin and Social Share Widgets. By using these little tools that are provided by, users can make their blogs more attractive and easier to maintain and portray to get money from.

Non-bloggers advantage:

For non-bloggers too, it is possible to make money from using This can be done by sharing any of the affiliated referral websites through which has links with. By shortening the URL of these sites and then sharing them on social media sites, users will be able to make money with each click just like a blogger.

Payment Modes:

The money that can be gained from the website can be accessed through PayPal as well as Payoneer. Users just have to fill in the details of their account and the rates per click change every day depending on the advertisers. This is one of the most effective and easiest ways to make money from

Here is the sample,

How to Make $$$$ Every Month Without a Blog?

Verdict: is one of the best sites that allow users to make money of them with the simple process of just shortening URLs. What do you think about this? Pretty simple? Its the only way to earn to make huge money with simple work. Hope you enjoyed this article! If you have any quires then share it with us in comments below. Do likes and share this article with your friends. Happy earning;)

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