How to Hide Whatsapp Online Status while Chatting

Everybody will well know about Whatapp, which is an new application for Android Devices.By using Whatapp users can chat easily with their friends and send messages to their friends for free. The luckiest thing in this app is, by using Whatapp you can share your own audio and your video message. It’s is like video calls. This apps was so popular among the Android users. You can also see some ads in medias about this app.

How to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp Chat by using Whatsapp Shadow Messenger App

Here is a new application called  “Whatsapp shadow beta”. Here is one new feature which is not in the old version. By using this new version you can Hide your Online Status while chatting with others. But, this feature is not needed so. But, sometimes you get bored by chatting and more. At that time you can use this feature.

For example in Facebook Chat you can hide your Online status while chatting with other. Likewise, by using this new beta version you can also hide your status while chatting.  In other words you will be invisible to other while on your chat. And you will not be shown in your friends online contact list.

WhatShadow Messenger will disable your Wi-Fi or data connection, when you’re inside Whatsapp. Once this was done, you will not receive any messages and you will invisible. If you want to visible again then open the WhatsApp again, then your Wi-Fi and data connections are turned on automatically and now you can start chatting.

How to Hide Online Status on Whatsapp Chat by using Whatsapp Shadow Messenger App

You can notice that, when the icon is red, it means you are Invisible to your friends. When the icon is green, then you are visible to your friends. The only main unluckiest is to buy this application for using it. You have pay about Rs.60. Please share this app and this article with your friends. If you have suggestion then make us to know in comments.


  1. Dinesh shivgan says:

    Pls advise me, can I explain for me, i am online for WhatsApp chatting one person but we don’t have showing to online any person.

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