High PR Dofollow Blog (.edu) for Comments

While blogging, Backlinks plays a major role in SEO. Backlinks are so important to build SEO. They will help to get page ranks soon for your page. Backlinks is also considered as a part of Google Page Rank Algorithm. So, Backlinks is much need to your blog for improving it. Anyway, getting high quality backlinks is really tough.

List of High PR Dofollow Blog (.edu) Commenting Site List

If you don’t have high quality backlinks then you can’t get high ranks for your blog. There are thousands of sites who are providing free backlinks. Even, you can comment on the do follow site to build your backlinks. This is the easiest way to build it. But, for commenting, you need the High page ranked dofollow websites. Last month I’ve shared about 400+ Commentluv sites for building backlinks by commenting.

List of High PR Dofollow Blog (.edu) Commenting Site List

For gaining more backlinks you need to comment on high PR Dofollow Blogs who accepts comments. This is the best way to improve your SEO. All you have to do is to leave a good comment that should be liked by author. You need tp comment by placing your Blog Link and you shall get one backlink from that site. That’s it! Noe that, if your comment is not worthy, then your comment may be disapproved by the author. So, don’t waste time on this. Try to comment that should be good.

Now in this article, I’m going to share a list of 20 High PR Blogs List. These sites are having good PR and they are do follow. All you have to do is, just leave a comment there regularly.

High Page Ranked Dofollow Blog List (.edu)

http://www.bloggingtipstoday.com/ –  PR 3 
http://www.josylad.com/ –  PR 3 .
http://bloggingfor.info/ – PR 3
http://bytesizecss.com/blog – PR 2
http://ez-onlinemoney.com/ – PR 3
http://www.howtospoter.com/ – PR 2
http://venturatty.com/law-blog/ – PR 2
http://www.virtualmarketadvantage.com/ – pR 2
http://www.bluestarbenefits.com/our-blog/ – PR 1
http://www.kchorrorclub.com/ – PR 2
http://www.carlgalloway.com/ – PR 2
http://dig.csail.mit.edu/breadcrumbs/blog/4 – PR 7
http://www.uncommonphotographers.net/ – PR 4
http://links.org.au/ – PR 6
http://www.basicblogtips.com – PR 5
http://interactiondesign.sva.edu/ – PR 6
http://www.zigpress.com/ – PR 5
http://www.lifeintherough.com/ – PR 2
http://www.smartbloggerz.com – PR 3
http://www.mywpexpert.com/blog/ – PR 2 .
http://www.techblg.com – PR 3
http://www.triposoft.com – PR 1

In Short Words

  • Please DO NOT SPAM! 
  • Please leave valuable comments!
  • Do not misuse this list!
  • Get good backlinks from good comments!

You can also leave comment at this page to get more backlinks for your blog. I hope you like this article and this list. Kindly share this article with your friends. Just comment on this blog and we will give you a Backlink to your blog. Waiting for your comments 🙂

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