Find Who is Using your Wi-Fi without your Permission?

Many of them are using the other Wi-Fi connection without there permission and they are slowing down there Speed.Now Don’t worry.Here is the Tip’s to find out Who is using your Wi-Fi connection.This is because you are using a default connection.Here is some tips to find.Follow me.


  • Now open your browser and input your default gateway IP address.

How To Get Default IP Address:-

  • First Go Start > run , and Type cmd.
  • Then type ipconfig and press Enter.
  • Now it will display an list Default Gateway IP address.
  • Once you got open the Web browser and type it in the URL bar.
  • Now you can Login to your router.
  • If you haven’t changed any default settings means check your router for Login information.
  • After Login you can find an section called Attached Device or Device List or My Network.
  • This section will provide you a list of IP addresses,MAC addresses,Device Name.
  • Now find the unwanted Devices and Users.  
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