Best Arts colleges in Rajasthan

Rajasthan which is a state where tradition comes in the colors. It is the biggest state in India in giving developing ideas. Rajasthan has been always a destination for students preparing for mainly arts and medical education. Arts colleges in Rajasthan are improving day by day. There are many top B.A. Colleges in Rajasthan, which […]


A mobile phone is no longer just a good looking gadget to hold. In this fast paced life where we need to attend to tens of things concurrently, a Smartphone is the perfect solution to get things done swiftly…and these devices need a powerful processor and high RAM to do so. Samsung’s products come to […]

Mothers day Month offer from Mojo and Triposoft, India’s first and largest Free Talktime app that has become synonymous with recharge with users across the world is launching the greatest campaigns for mothers on Mother’s day. While some brands celebrate it for a day we are going to celebrate it for a month. The second leg of the 360 degree campaign will […]

Gorai Mitasu- A unique Property Offering in Mumbai

The city of Mumbai has always been a major centre of property development. the city is the financial capital of the country and is known to be one of biggest centres of property development as well. If there were truly the first hub of housing in the country, then it would be Mumbai. Even before […]


For past couple year’s smartphones made a robust impact in the digital market and also changes our lives. When we talk about smartphones Android OS stands tall comparing to others. And what else can be better than owning budget android smartphones in today’s world that offers a superior Android Lollipop familiarity to their buyers. You […]