Download Instagram for Windows 7/8/XP/10 & Post on Instagram from PC

Recently Facebook bought Instagram, which is a photo sharing application or website available for the Android and iOS platform. This app is not available for Computer (Windows 7/8/XP). So, I decided to find a solution for this. Now, in this tutorial I’ll show you to download Instagram for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Instagram […]

List of 170+ Computer Related Short Forms & Full Forms Abbreviations

While using computer we use many different terms. Those terms we use mostly will be on abbreviation form. So while if you’re going to attend any exams related on computer, then these terms will be given as question to expand these abbreviation. Rather than preparing only for examination, it will be nice to get know […]

Change OneDrive Default Location For Windows 8

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage service adds 15 GB of free space for your music, files, photos and movies with your Microsoft account. It’s a great addition to your existing hard drive with cloud storage features. Now you no longer need to carry files in USB flash drives or copy them directly to other devices. OneDrive allows a centralized […]

Remove Write Protection Of Any Flash-Drive/Memory Cards

Welcome back guys, today we are here with one more trick by which you can easily remove write protection of any flash-drive/memory cards. I know many of you are here because you cannot move/copy your files or cannot format your flash drive. To regain your access to copy/move or format your files in flash drive, […]

How to Play PS2 Games On PC on PC?

Sony’s play station and PC are the most reachable and easy to use platforms in the gaming world. Almost all of the popular games are available for these platforms. These platforms have their own pros and cons. But What if a PC gamer wants to enjoy Play Station games? Indeed they can. With new Play […]