8 Things to be Considered Before Buying a New/Old Laptops

We’re living in the world of technology that too with full of computer technology. Wherever we go we take the computer with us. So for that they designed Laptop’s. When shopping for a laptop’s,it takes a lot’s of your time for choosing a Best laptop. There are several Laptops are obtainable in market that take […]

10 Best Expensive Fancy Laptops in 2014

Hi Friends, today I’m here with an awesome thing. I’m going to share a list of top most expensive Laptops. Surely they will be used by great professional geeks. These laptops are the sign of modern technology.  The modern technology has changed everything including the cost of Laptop’s. In this modern technology world every person […]

How to Play PS2 Games on PC or Laptop using PCSX2 (Step by Step Guide)

Most of us including me like to play games in PS2 and in computer games. But, I like to play mostly in Play Stations only. Today lot’s of Game developers are creating games for PS2. But, those games can’t be played in our regular system. You can play those games only in Playstations2. Now, today […]

How To Prevent your Laptop from Overheating – Solved Tips

Laptop is an best option for portable computing device. Now a days you’re getting Tablets gadgets, which will be the best alternative for Laptops. Laptops manufactures are doing some improvements in it’s products. Recently, I heard an news about the Solar Laptops. At this time it’s not available in shops. But, they have announed it’s […]

SOL – The World’s 1st Solar Powered Laptop Features

Now a days there is no power in all countries. Some people want to get some alternative thing for this. By the way, people who are interested to use a computer did not have power to use it. Don’t feel for it. Now you can use a computer without electric power. Here is a new […]