Record iPhone Calls on your Mac

Have you ever wondered, “I should have recorded that phone call”? Either necessary or not, phone call recording can be useful sometimes. In the past, recording your iPhone calls was a painful and tedious task, as iOS apps are not allowed to interact with signals. To record phone calls, you usually had to use external […]

Some Mind Blowing iOS Apps you May Not Know About

It’s clear from this year’s statistics that the most used mobile OS is Android and its number of users is increasing day by day. Because of its popularity Nokia also adopted Android OS and now its latest devices feature Android in them. Although, Android is the market leader but it’s not very much popular among […]

Best Video Calling Apps for Android, iOS, Windows & Blackberry handsets

Calling your friends without seeing their real face is boring. I’m taking about the growth in technology. Video calls has changed everything. Video calling is the best way to contact all your friends. Now I’m not here to share what is Video Calling. Now I’m here to share some best Three Best Video Calling Apps […]

5 Best iPad/iPod Paid Apps to Educate Kids with Fun!

Kids are the future generation of this planet! As this line says so, we need to educate our children in smart way without creating any bore sense. If you like to educate them through iPad Mini then you can do it so! There are many apps for educating our children in the way of entertainment […]

Download ‘Angry Birds Go!’ Racing Game for iOS Devices

Angry Bird Game Series was released by an awesome company called, Rovio. There are many version in Angry Birds which hits all the game lovers throughout the world. Now, a new version called ” Angry Bird Go! ” has released for the iOS devices. This is for the 4th birthday for Angry Birds. Now you […]