Recommended Method to Get 10,000+ Twitter Followers for Free within 24 Hours

Next to Facebook, Twitter is the second best social network. In Twitter, users can tweets their post and those tweets will be sent to the followers. So, for that they need more followers, if it so then the tweets can viewed by everyone which results in more traffic. Now, I’m here to share the awesome […]

How To Delete Files Using CMD on Windows PC – 3 Quick Steps

Using the computer with some additional tweaks or in a different manner than normal operation, makes a little thrilling experience. In this post, I’m with another tweak or trick for Windows users. This trick is mainly focused for deleting files from PC by using CMD (Command Prompt) option. Cool? Yep, it may be! Hope everyone […]

How To Watch 3D Movies & Videos On VLC Media Player

Hello guys, hope everyone doing fine! Today I’m here with another exciting trick on VLC Media Player. As everyone knows VLC media player is the best and most popular media player for Computers, Laptops and even for mobiles devices. VLC media player is more popular because of its supporting feature. Yes, VLC media player will […]

How To Play YouTube Videos In VLC Media Player

The growth in media has developed well. Media plays a vital role in all things especially when we look over PC and other techy gadgets. Listening to music, watching movies all needs a good media player for your device. For that I prefer the best Media Tool called as VLC Player. There won’t be any […]

How to Open Mobile Websites on PC/Desktop Browsers

As my previous post is about on Mobile Friendly, now I’m going to share another one trick to check Mobile Websites on Desktop Browser. We use different sites for different purpose daily and most of them will be in desktop version. But some sites are designed only for desktop. So you can check them only […]