15 Best Google Chrome Music Extensions for Music Addicts

Google Chrome browser is so popular though the availability of chrome extensions are high. You can download hundreds of extensions from chrome store for free. This is main reason behind the popularity and success for Google Chrome. Few days before I’ve shared a collection of 50+ Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps. That collection is general […]

50+ Best Google Chrome Extensions and Apps for Geeks

As everyone knows that Google product always rocks that includes Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the best popular web browser available for all major platforms including Android. The best feature on Google Chrome it is the user interface. Using Chrome browser is very easy for all beginners. This makes Chrome to stand top under best […]

Download Google Keep – Best Alternative for Evernote

Usually students will take some notes while the teachers are conducting classes. And those note make them easy to learn. For taking notes, we will use a pad of sticky-notes or sketch and scribble down a reminder only to find out that it’s lost when we need it. And this way is the old tradition […]

Best Useful Extensions for Google Chrome Browser – Download it!

Google Chrome is certainly the most effective browser out there. And one in every of the foremost vital reasons of chrome’s success is its immense type of apps and extensions. You can get all types of extension from Web store for free. Developers are creating new extension with different knowledge and with new feature. And […]