Interview with Ankit Singla – Shared On Page & Off Page SEO Tips..!!

Today we are going to interview most popular blogging star  & SEO Expert Ankit Singla who is very good at On Page SEO & SMO concepts and always generates very fresh content to his readers. So lets have a look about him and let him reveal his strategies, also check our preview Interview with Jitendra Vaswani who shares […]

How to Protect your Blogger Blogs with Password

If you’ve any idea on protecting your website from spammers and other things then you can find many ways to execute it. But in Blogger and in WordPress blogs you can’t find such inbuilt features. The only main purpose for enabling this feature on blogs is to prevent the blog from spammers, clickers and from […]

How to Increase Subscribers using subscribers widget?

Widgets are the one that gives a beauty for a site or a blog. There are many widgets available for a site depending on the requirements of that particular site. These widgets possibly include voice messages, IM Widgets, Audience polls, and other widgets. Among all the widgets, poll widgets seem to be more likely used […]

Create Your Own Sticky Or Floating Widgets in Blogger

Most big blogs have sticky widget that scroll along when visitors move up and down at the top or at the bottom. The effect is usually applied to navigation menu,subscription box.Now in this article I am sharing How to Stick Widgets in Blogger ?This effect will make a widget float downward when visitors scroll down […]

Useful Things of Pictures while Blogging – Get Traffic Using Images

For obtaining traffic to your blog, pictures plays an important role in it. therefore i like to recommend you to feature pictures in your blog post. what’s the importance of adding pictures in blog posts? this can be an issue that’s asked by many folks on varied blogs and in some forums. Adding pictures on […]