10 Tips to Run your PC Games Faster

Hi friends are you using any Old Computers?Are you playing any high quality 3D games like FIFA,NFS,etc on your PC?While playing the computer becomes slow?Don’t worry hereafter you can run your favorite game without slowing the computer by following the simple tips given bellow.Follow my instruction,


Tips to Increase the Game Performance:-

  • First Decrease or reduce your game quality (resolution)  from the game settings.
  • Now adjust your video card for your game quality,
  • Close all application before going to play game.
  •  Increase your RAM Memory.
  • Update the Video card and Drive.
  • Use NVIDIA Graphics card for better performance.
  • Use game booster that can increase your game speed.
  • Check for Malwares and update anti-virus.
  • Restart your computer before playing.
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