Api.ai – Build intelligent speech interfaces for apps, devices, and web !

API Review

You might remember that some years ago, voice recognition was the new cool thing. Geeks would impress people with their cool new smartphones, which could turn your voice to text with the help of some apps. Well, those days are far behind. Voice recognition has evolved since then. From just plain Speech to Text, which […]

Best Food Joints to Order Online

Silhouette of a cheese burger loaded with summer garden vegetables isolated on fire, macro

In the age of fast moving cars and faster internet, half of our time is gone online. With various portals allowing you to plan your whole life online and even shop for your dreams online, now ordering food is simple and accessible. The world on your computer screen or even your smart phone is just […]

10 Best Job Apps for Android users (Updated List)

Android apps to find jobs

As per current trends, Android has been more famous platform than any others. Everyone prefers to have Android smart phone and therefore, here is the best list for Job Android users. Right now most of all want new opportunity for their career and want new jobs. So, we collected some most used as well good […]

Best Arts colleges in Rajasthan

Arts college in mumbai

Rajasthan which is a state where tradition comes in the colors. It is the biggest state in India in giving developing ideas. Rajasthan has been always a destination for students preparing for mainly arts and medical education. Arts colleges in Rajasthan are improving day by day. There are many top B.A. Colleges in Rajasthan, which […]

HostingRaja – Detailed Review


This article covers  1) What is Website Hosting? 2) How to host your Website? 3) What is a Web server? 4) What are the services given by Web Hosting companies? 5) What are the Basic Features of a Web Hosting plan? 6) Additional features of the Web are hosting? 7) India’s top most Web Hosting […]

Kepard – Safe Secured Surfing!


Now a days getting tracked over the internet is not so difficult. Anyone can hack in to monitor the activities you perform over the internet, be it sending important mails, uploading or downloading files and images or accessing the websites etc. So, in order to protect yourself from such unwanted surveillances, there is definitely a […]

Lenovo VibeP1 4GPhablet – Price, Specifications & Review

Phone 2

LENOVO is one of the leading companies in the world. It manufactures not only smartphones but also tabets,computers . Lenovo, it has the excellent specifications and a user friendly mobile. Lenovo vibe P1 follows current trend in all the ways. Lenovo is a phablet, looks more than a smartphone but less than a tablet . […]

ECOO E05 4GSmartphone – Price, Specifications & Review

Phone 1

EEOO E05 4G is a powerful device with whole lots of features and rich specification. I have mentioned all the important specifications of EEOO E05 4G. Beautiful!!  This is what you gonna say when you will see the mobile. The phone isavailable in 2 colours, one in Black-gold and other is Black-silver. Both look really […]

Wrike, an online project management software – Review


Hello to the dear readers of Triposoft! We are back with a review for Wrike, an online project management software that was developed to facilitate easier management of projects and better, more regular communication between individuals and team members. Wrike is a collaboration tool used to organize and assign tasks to individual workers while providing […]

XIAOMI Redmi 2 Pro Smartphone – Review


New XIAOMI Redmi 2 Pro Smartphone which comes with a 4th Generation Long Term Evolution Process for best Internet Browsing. It is equipped with a 64bit Quad Core processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon), with a good 1.2GHz processing speed. It uses Android 4.4 KitKat version Operating System. It looks great in hand with Black &White colors and […]